Operating in Vegreville since 2011, Chad and Treena Hiob have been working together as a dynamic team almost since day one. Chad briefly tried to operate the office as a solo practice before quickly realizing he needed help. Calling his wife up she agreed to work together with him provided she was allowed to decorate the office as she saw fit. Realizing he was over a barrel Chad quickly agreed, and this is the story of how the beautiful Vegreville office came to be. After years of dedicated work by Chad's father, a fellow denturist and an incredibly skilled handyman, and many local tradesmen, the office was renovated from a historic heritage building on its last legs to a gorgeous modern denture clinic boasting all the modern amenities, from main floor washrooms to a digital oral scanning suite. 

Previous to Vegreville denture clinic Chad interned with his father, learning from a master denturist who boasted three concurrently operating clinics including VIking Denture Clinic, Tofield Denture Clinic and a clinic in Edmonton.  Learning from his father, Chad has undertaken the challenge of operating his own satellite office at Smoky Lake Denture Clinic. The office will hopefully be as beautiful as Vegreville Denture Clinic soon, but in the interim he is pleased to be continuously improving the office every opportunity he gets. Providing all the services available at the main office in Vegreville.

Please feel free to come by either office and say hello and check us out, maybe even meet our office pupper Jasper the Schnoodle(if he isn't napping).



Exams and Consultations

Did you know, it's important to have routine checkups to ensure your dentures are fitting properly. We're happy to discuss with anyone all their treatment options in a free consultation. Let us help you find the best treatment!

Dentures & Partial Dentures


We offer a range of denture and partial denture treatment options. Ranging from premium teeth to make your smile shine for years, to affordable options that will leave you smiling your best smile. 

Digital Transitional Dentures


We offer the option of an affordable digitally made transitional denture. This is a great way to keep you smiling and ease you through the healing process until you're ready for your standard dentures.

Implant retained Dentures


If you can't stand the idea of loose dentures, or you really want to enjoy all the sensations when eating that juicy steak then implants are for you. There are many treatment options when it comes to implants, let us help!

Emergency Repairs

We can usually repair your cracked or broken dentures in our office, typically in as little as a few hours.

Teeth Whitening


Professional strength home whitening kits, to make sure your smile looks the best for all your special occasions.



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Chad Hiob DD
Clinic Puppy: Jasper
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Treena Hiob


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Our Locations
Vegreville Denture Clinic

5117 50 Street

Vegreville, AB T9C 1S7


\\ Tel: 780-632-2722

Smoky Lake Denture Clinic

72 Wheatland Ave

Smoky Lake, AB T0A 3C0


\\ Tel: 780-656-1405

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Monday – Friday  9:30AM – 5PM


Smoky Lake

Monday 10AM – 4PM